Monday, August 29, 2011

Poor Claudia No. 5

My favorite independent publishing press just released their 5th semiannual literary journal! 
Based here in Portland, Oregon, Poor Claudia creates beautiful hand-bound books that are as contextually intriguing as they are visually stunning. Selected poets and artists represent a diverse array of current and stylistic works in these limited, numbered editions. If poetry is your thing, or (like me) you're just getting your feet wet in the literary world, Poor Claudia is the must-have handbook on the need-to-know works happening right now. 
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Monday, April 04, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011


"Our history will be what we make it. And if there are any historians about fifty or a hundred years from now... they will there find recorded in black and white, or color, evidence of decadence, escapism and insulation from the realities of the world in which we live. This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference. This weapon of television could be useful. We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable and complacent. We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this. But unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late."

-Edward R. Murrow
October 23rd, 1958

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When I was in middle school, I used to inventory each item of clothing I had in a notebook. I would write every garment a schedule, being sure to never duplicate the same outfit twice. Eventually I learned the rhythm on my own and chucked the notebook. Now every time I do laundry, I hate my former self.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately. 
Despite my general repulsion at early 60's women's fashion, the show inspires fantastic naughtiness beneath a thick layer of elegance and poise, and that's something I think every woman can relate to.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Chairs in the Sky

   I was talking with my cab driver on the way home from work last night, about my vow to never work another job that requires me to wear a uniform. I just can't do it. However, if there's ever a throw-back uniform for flight attendants, this will be my one exception.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Away Message

Not having internet at my new place has been both a blessing & a curse. On the up-side, I get a lot more "real life" stuff done, but on the downside, I've turned into THAT person who sits for hours on end at the same coffee shop every day to catch up on everything I've missed online. Sad, isn't it? Living a dual life between the actual world & the virtual one. It would be concerning if I weren't immersed in an entire generation of addicts who thrive on over-exposure & false senses of connectivity just like I do. But I'm not complaining. No, sir. In fact, I embrace my Google-it culture. Everything is becoming so rapidly digitalized that it won't be long before tangible art forms are going to be glorified in counter-culture the same way that our generation embraces vinyl records and film prints. In 15 years, hipster snobs will brag about how they've thrown their Kindles away, and books & magazines will become collectors' items. 

I say, "Bring it on." 

The integrity of art has already been compromised to the point that anyone with an mp3 player can call themselves a DJ, and anyone with Photoshop & Flickr can pass as a photographer. (Don't even get me started on iPhone's "Hipstamatic" app. UGH.) Technology has eliminated the need for actual talent. So in the same way that printing more money devalues the bills already in circulation, digital art will dilute classic art and having the right skills won't be as important as having the right software. Sounds tragic, doesn't it? It's already happened. But what I hope for more than ever is that those truly visionary folks will find a way to shine again. I mean, to really push the limits, to create new forms of art that haven't yet been attempted and therefore, haven't been imitated. This is a pivotal time in creative culture with more opportunities than ever before. I'm both excited and terrified to witness it; what will be robbed from us, what the resistance will produce, and most importantly: 

How will I shine?

Monday, April 19, 2010


With absolutely no expectations, (and 2 weeks late) I applied to WK12.
In addition to a portfolio, the assignment was to submit 
an 8.5"x11" sheet of printer paper, altered to your liking.
I hope someone at least got a laugh out of it:

Friday, April 16, 2010


Members of Solid Gold, Megafaun, Bon Iver & the Leisure Birds join forces with 20+ musicians to form the (let's not dare say "supergroup", but rather) genius collective, Gayngs.
Breathy vocals, sultry saxophone, and a tantalizing promotional Vimeo series?
The album Relayted will be available for download 4.20.2010.


"There is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity."
- Alan Watts, 1951


Friday, April 09, 2010


I've just moved; from Tempe, Arizona to Portland, Oregon. 
Quite a change in climate, culture & general lifestyle. 
Today marks Day 10 in PDX and I'm still very cold and unemployed... 
what better time to start a blog?